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Kaiju Manips

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Here are some of the photo manipulations of my models and dioramas that people have made, plus a few others I really like!

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Random Favourites

What is a LeGrandzilla?

History of LeGrandzilla Part 1 by LegrandzillaPowerpuff LeGrandzilla by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla Weapons Part 3 by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla Origins Diorama by LegrandzillaFoxtrot LeGrandzilla by Jenni by LegrandzillaMy Neighbor LeGrandzilla by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla's Pokemon Nap Time by LegrandzillaTrue LoveGrandzilla Romance Comic Cover by LegrandzillaAnother Outfit for the Daaaay for Y-uuki by LegrandzillaI Am the LeGrandzilla by LegrandzillaFamily LeGUYrandzilla by LegrandzillaLeKIRBYzilla by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla in Flight by LegrandzillaHello LeGrandzilla by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla Rampage Edit ID by LegrandzillaWalking Dead Legrandzilla by LegrandzillaAdventure Time LeGrandzilla by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla VS Godzilla (Defending Pop's Honor) by LegrandzillaSome Things Never Change by Legrandzilla

Stuff for sale, contact me!

Image Godzilla 89 View 2 by Legrandzilla
Image 30 cm Resin Godzilla 89 (vs Biollante) $500 USD plus shipping.

Musukogoji Vs Kamacuras by Legrandzilla
Custom made Godzilla vs King Kamucuras diorama with dead Minilla and island girl. Vinyl and styrene. One of a kind! $350.00 USD plus shipping. SOLD!!

Mine! by Legrandzilla
Lunar resin T-Rex vs raptors diorama. $300.00 USD plus shipping.

Clash of the Titans Scorpion by Legrandzilla
Custom Clash of the Titans diorama with giant scorpion. One of a kind! $300.00 plus shipping.

Godzilla 2000 KOC Profile by Legrandzilla
KOC 30 cm vinyl Godzilla 2000 $250.00 USD plus shipping. SOLD!

On the Edge by Legrandzilla
Chibi Kaiju diorama sculpted by me! One of a kind, $350.00 USD plus shipping.

84 Godzilla #1 by Legrandzilla
Image Godzilla 84 (Godzilla Returns) resin 20 cm $350.00 USD plus shipping

I be Fallin on Mah Butt by Legrandzilla
Image Godzilla 65 (Monster Zero) 20 cm resin $250.00 USD plus shipping.

Gorosaurus 2 by Legrandzilla
Pao 30 cm Resin Gorosaurus, rare, unique sculpt. $400.00 USD plus shipping.

Godzilla Vs Baragon SD by Legrandzilla
One of a kind chibi GMK sculpture I made. $300.00 USD plus shipping.

Godzilla vs Gamera Poster by Legrandzilla
Original painting by me, 16x20 inches $200.00 USD plus shipping.

All are built and painted by me, LeGrandzilla. You can own an original LeGrandzilla! I do not often put my work up for sale, but I need more shelf space! Most of these kits are expensive before they are built, and I take a lot of time to make them look as good as I can. So I need the space, but I don't want to just give them away. I take PayPal, and I may negotiate prices in some situations. If you came to pick it up from me, it could save a lot on shipping and my time, so I could give you a great deal! Note me if you want to work something out!


Godzilla Ignites the Sky by LegrandzillaKaiju Storm by LegrandzillaBad Day for Baragon by LegrandzillaGodzilla vs Gamera Poster by LegrandzillaBalrog by LegrandzillaAnima Overdrive by LegrandzillaFire Dragon Charizard by LegrandzillaChinese Dragon Love Eternal by LegrandzillaAslan by Legrandzilla

Here are a few of my paintings, thanks for looking...

Discrimination Against Underwears!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 4:20 AM
It has been a while since I posted a proper LeGrandzilla musing, but this demands justice!

We talk about a pair of paints, a pair of swim trunks, even a pair of women's panties.  All plural, right?
Well, what about underwears?  Why is it wrong to call them plural as I just did?  Why must they be alone??  They are no different from pants or the others!  It isn't right I tell you! People are insisting I call them underwear!  It isn't fair to say underwear is the new campaign!
Well, since then my wife Amy who is way smarter than me explained there is also outerwear.  And if I be more specific and say briefs or whitey tighties, those are indeed plural....
Never miiiiindddd......:roll::iconshameplz:

Well anyway, I am sorry I have not posted much in the way of actual art, but that does not mean I was not busy!  Here are a few WIPs I need to finish one of these someday...
Untitled by Legrandzilla
On the Meganuron diorama, I used spare head and arms of the soldier to make a dead body for him to step on, see?

Untitled by Legrandzilla
Here I airbrushed the Shinzen Godzilla 54 and Reaper Cthullhu.  Still lots to do and I need to figure out the base..

Untitled by Legrandzilla
The Gillman Kong is glued together mostly, and I started sculpting the missing top teeth.  How do they look so far?

So more to come.  Have you seem my cute fish yet?
Peek A Boo! by Legrandzilla

And now here is a feature of arts that delighted me lately:
Desert Rider by ArtVorteX

The Eye by steyfi

zEXPERIMENT #25 full by dopepope

QUIETNESS by Sukilucky

The longest journey of any person is.. by Sukilucky

MECHA-GAMERA lives by Gabezilla2015

GODZILLA by pkking1288

Azure Dragon by pkking1288

Azure Dragon by pkking1288

Passionate Day by Sukilucky

zTrendmasters Anguirus Commission by dopepope

Colorful Owl by NickiDoodles

Death eater by slightlymadart

The Look in Her Eyes by deepgrounduk

SophieT by SuopaOfficial

Callmelotti by SuopaOfficial

Tima by SuopaOfficial

Charlotte S by SuopaOfficial

EdySpunk by SuopaOfficial

David Bowie by SuopaOfficial

Hurt No More by nakedcrayon23

Kaiju Campfire by manaista

Hermione Granger and The Tale of the Three Brother by Michelle-Winer

Innkeeper 2: cover by Celtran

Rey by weroni

Nicki Doodled by NickiDoodles

Slime Rancher Crew by noonetells

Bendy Did It! by KaijuKim

Totoro irezumi by OniBaka

New life by Katrin-Elizabeth

A Ceremony of Light by BadInspiration

Minya vs Gabara by NoBackstreetboys

Have a happy weekend! :)

  • Mood: I Have To Pee
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  • Eating: Wish I had black licorice...
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Jon LeGrand
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
This is a rare photo of the elusive legrandzilla. The legrandzilla is a solitary animal when he is painting. Furthermore, he is rather camera shy. A skilled camera ninja stalked this legrandzilla for hours before capturing this shot on film. Unfortunately for the camera ninja, the legrandzilla spied her and charged, trampling her and painting a mustashe on her nearly lifeless body with burnt umber acrylic paint. Such are the dangers of trying to capture a buck legrandzilla on film during painting season. When legrandzillas are painting Godzillas, they are particularly volatile, and should be offered a Dr Pepper and a snack before approaching. They can be very territorial when they are "in paint" as it is called, so if you see the legrandzilla with a paint brush in its hand, give it a wide berth, and by no means bump the table. This could prove to be a fatal mistake, especially if the legrandzilla is in the process of painting the eyes on the model he is working on. This rather large, alpha male legrandzilla was seen at his library exhibit, painting a Godzilla toy to be given away in a free drawing later. So, see, legrandzillas can be sweet and nice as well.

I build models and dioramas of giant monsters like Godzilla, I also sculpt and do oil and acrylic paintings. I go to G-Fest, a Godzilla Con every year and enter my work in the modeling and art contests. I have had an article and pics of my work published in G-Fan Magazine.
See me also on art station…

And see and hear me on youtube:… I have videos showing my models, art and aquarium so far, and more to come!

Current Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Favourite genre of music: Genres are too constraining. I like lots of music and songs.
Favourite style of art: amazing is my favorite, maybe awesome?
Shell of choice: Gamera's
Personal Quote: All your Kaiju Art are belong to us!

After I finish my Meganuron Diorama, what shall I do next? I have some ideas. 

11 deviants said Godzilla 54 VS Cthullu?
3 deviants said 1956 Rodan destroying a factory? (his birthday is this year)
1 deviant said An Ultraman Project, maybe with Jirass? (I have 3 I could do)
1 deviant said A 1933 King Kong Project? (I have 6 I could do)
1 deviant said Godzilla 68 in NYC in love with the Statue of Liberty?
1 deviant said Sanda, Gaira, and Frankenstein VS Baragon Diorama?(will submit to a magazine)
1 deviant said Peter Jackson Kong Project? (I have 4 I could do)
1 deviant said Gon the little T-Rex at G-Fest?
1 deviant said GMK Godzilla 1:1 scale bust, Gamera bust, or 1965 crawling Gamera, or a Ray Harryhausen monster dio?
No deviants said Baragon 68 VS Angurus 68?



Avatar#3? Derpy Kong by LegrandzillaAvatar#5? Classic Kong by LegrandzillaAtomic Misfits 67 Kong Face by LegrandzillaKong Portrait by LegrandzillaKing Kong Escapes Portrait by LegrandzillaToho Kong 1962 Face by LegrandzillaWIP Kong Detail by LegrandzillaKongsiderably Handsome by LegrandzillaDark Horse Kong  Face by LegrandzillaOOH! by LegrandzillaAnxious Kong by Legrandzilla

LeGrandzilla Land


Feb 10, 2016
9:51 am
Feb 10, 2016
7:06 am
Feb 10, 2016
5:45 am
Feb 10, 2016
4:15 am
Feb 9, 2016
11:41 pm



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