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Stuff for sale, contact me!

Baby G by Legrandzilla
Medicom vinyl Baby Godzilla 93! Huge and heavy!
$450.00 plus shipping.

Image Godzilla 89 View 2 by Legrandzilla
Image 30 cm Resin Godzilla 89 (vs Biollante) $400 USD plus shipping.

Clash of the Titans Scorpion by Legrandzilla
Custom Clash of the Titans diorama with giant scorpion. One of a kind! $200.00 plus shipping.

I be Fallin on Mah Butt by Legrandzilla
Image Godzilla 65 (Monster Zero) 20 cm resin $250.00 USD plus shipping.

On the Edge by Legrandzilla
One of a kind sculpture Godzilla concept SD Kaiju $250.00 plus shipping

Godzilla vs Gamera Poster by Legrandzilla
Original painting by me, 16x20 inches $200.00 USD plus shipping.

All are built and painted by me, LeGrandzilla. You can own an original LeGrandzilla! I do not often put my work up for sale, but I need more shelf space! Most of these kits are expensive before they are built, and I take a lot of time to make them look as good as I can. So I need the space, but I don't want to just give them away. I take PayPal, and I may negotiate prices in some situations. If you came to pick it up from me, it could save a lot on shipping and my time, so I could give you a great deal! Note me if you want to work something out!


Godzilla Ignites the Sky by LegrandzillaKaiju Storm by LegrandzillaBad Day for Baragon by LegrandzillaGodzilla vs Gamera Poster by LegrandzillaBalrog by LegrandzillaAnima Overdrive by LegrandzillaFire Dragon Charizard by LegrandzillaChinese Dragon Love Eternal by LegrandzillaAslan by Legrandzilla

Here are a few of my paintings, thanks for looking...

Godzilla Tag Thingy Yussss!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 8:51 AM
Tagged by :icongodzillaiscool999:
What was the very first Godzilla movie you saw?
A: I believe that was a double feature of Destroy All Monsters and War of the Gargantuas I saw in a theater, but it may have been around the same time I saw the American version of Godzilla 54 on TV. Godzilla 54 blue by Legrandzilla

2. What are your favorite designs of Godzilla?
A: I like Godzilla 2000, GMK Godzilla 2001, and Kinggoji 62

3. What are your favorite kaiju in the series besides Godzilla himself?
A: Baragon of course!  Just check my gallery! I'm Turning Baragon by Legrandzilla

4. What are your brutally honest thoughts on the 1998 film?
A: Well, I prefer to look at it as a monster film but not as a Godzilla film.  As a monster film, it was fine, but that was NOT Godzilla.  Godzilla does not run and hide.  He is a force of nature. 

5. Your favorite Godzilla movies?
A: Godzilla vs King Kong 62, Godzilla vs the Thing 64, Terror of Mechagodzilla 75, GMK 2001, Godzilla vs Megaguirus, and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2004.

6. What do you think of Godzilla: The Series?
A: I never watched it much, but wasn't too impressed. :iconzillaplz:

7. What kaiju would you like to see make a resurgence into the series again?
A: Baragon and Anguirus :iconbaragonplz::iconanguirusplz:

8. What are your favorite Godzilla video games?
A: I have not played one for so long I don't remember much about them or their names, but I used to own some.

9. What did you think of the Godzilla Power Hour show?
A: I never saw it? :/

10. Who are your favorite recurring actors for the series?
A: I had a crush on Tomoko Ai, and she was at G-Fest a few years ago but I never met her...  Akira Takarada is a really nice man!  He introduced himself to me! Godzilla Brought Us Together by Legrandzilla

11. Favorite unmade/scrapped creations
A: I liked the Bill Stout design! Stoutasaurus Diorama Photoshop by Legrandzilla

12. Who is the best music composer in the films?
A: Akira Ifukube.   I did not like Final Wars Keith Emerson that was weird..

13. Are you looking forward to seeing the Godzilla anime movie this year?
A: Yes I am very muchly. :icongleeplz:

14. Are you also looking forward to Godzilla: King of Monsters and its next follow-up Godzilla vs. Kong?
A: Yes I am muchly truly duly gotta dingle on dat dangle yo.

15. What do you think of both versions of Return of Godzilla and 1985?
A: I am not sure I know the differences or which one I have, but it is one of my least favorite Godzilla films anyway. Still for Sale! by Legrandzilla

16. Would you consider Godzilla to be part of the Marvel universe given that it there was a series that chronicles him and he fought the Avengers?
A: No, not really.  I hated how they drew him too.

17. What other monsters would you like to see Godzilla fight against?
A: Gamera. I need to make a diorama of this too. Godzilla vs Gamera Poster by Legrandzilla

18. What is the lamest kaiju to be part of the Godzilla series?
A: Minya/Minilla Too Late for Minilla Detail by Legrandzilla

19. What franchises would you like to see have a crossover with Godzilla?
A: Gamera, Pacific Rim

and finally...

20. What is the absolute WORST Godzilla movie you saw?
A: I don't like those with lots of stock footage like Godzilla vs Gigan, and that is one I never liked much. West Kenji SD Gigan by Legrandzilla

So, yesterday Butch AKA :iconbrutazilla: came over to see my models, hang out and watch some movies and he interviewed me for a youtube video.  Once he has it up, I will post it in a future journal!  He showed me is Gigantic Ric Boy Godzilla 62!

Now we will move on to a feature of marvelous arts that delighted me this past week.  Enjoy!
031 - Automn's forest by mcgs

wip by XRlS

Pertini Hut by Sergiba

Umbreon and Espeon by TamberElla

The Shadow of Death by kaijukid

Chinese Dragon by arvalis

New Generation by moonchild-ljilja

Gomora by C0RRUPT3D-G3M

Godzilla vs Gigan by LordGojira

Faerie Digital Painting. by chrisscalf

Mist in the Mountains by LikaKinsky

Branches at Sunset by magic-spelldust

Come and take it! by CamaroLp

Kong Skull Island Poster by KaijuSamurai

Abstract Tiger by Aymen-Ouertani

Not in the mood for tourists... by Darth-Marlan

The Messenger by EclipxPhotography

Fishin' by Graknaz

Bayern, Neuschwanstein region by alierturk

Field of Flowers (1) by LikaKinsky

Joyride by thegirlcansmile

Lugia by dekunobou-kizakura

Space Godzilla vs Moguera and Baby Godzilla by NoBackstreetboys

Chobits -Atashi by KuroStarSunny

B9 by KuroStarSunny

A.9 Colored by KuroStarSunny

Fire Starters+Their Evolutions by KuroStarSunny

UPC Project: Green Production by KuroStarSunny

Jane Birkin by Boogalood

Beneath by LazyRemnant

mm-mm-good by legendfromthedeep

'yeah well fuck you too ghid' by legendfromthedeep

A Light In The Dark by Lolita-Artz

Naomi Watts by Boogalood

Issac's Fate by lumalyssa

Puppy Love *^v^* by HapeeBizeeBeez

59. American Bittern - Botaurus lentiginosus by Spirit-whales

Billiken Mechagodzilla 1975 by Jon LeGrand by AllHallowsEve78

Pharah by SilverChaim

C: Kookaburra's daughter by SilverChaim

Magic night ~ Tribute to Unicef by GeneRazART

Lost my head by Natsuakai

Chibi Goji by Natsuakai

Chibi Shin Godzilla by Natsuakai

Chibi Godzilla 2 by Natsuakai

Grassy Clearing by LukeinatorDude

Morgenstemning by Trichardsen

Bright and Vivivd by LikaKinsky

Orange happiness by FlashW

Two worlds by FlashW

Purple and Teal Dragon Portrait by DragonosX

Have a happy week guys!
Giant Spinning Tard by Web5teRMassive Music by Web5teRGiant La by Web5teR

Camelia Birthday by luisbc

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Jon LeGrand
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
This is a rare photo of the elusive legrandzilla. The legrandzilla is a solitary animal when he is painting. Furthermore, he is rather camera shy. A skilled camera ninja stalked this legrandzilla for hours before capturing this shot on film. Unfortunately for the camera ninja, the legrandzilla spied her and charged, trampling her and painting a mustashe on her nearly lifeless body with burnt umber acrylic paint. Such are the dangers of trying to capture a buck legrandzilla on film during painting season. When legrandzillas are painting Godzillas, they are particularly volatile, and should be offered a Dr Pepper and a snack before approaching. They can be very territorial when they are "in paint" as it is called, so if you see the legrandzilla with a paint brush in its hand, give it a wide berth, and by no means bump the table. This could prove to be a fatal mistake, especially if the legrandzilla is in the process of painting the eyes on the model he is working on. This rather large, alpha male legrandzilla was seen at his library exhibit, painting a Godzilla toy to be given away in a free drawing later. So, see, legrandzillas can be sweet and nice as well.

I build models and dioramas of giant monsters like Godzilla, I also sculpt and do oil and acrylic paintings. I go to G-Fest, a Godzilla Con every year and enter my work in the modeling and art contests. I have had an article and pics of my work published in G-Fan Magazine.
See me also on art station…

And see and hear me on youtube:… I have videos showing my models, art and aquarium so far, and more to come!

Current Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Favourite genre of music: Genres are too constraining. I like lots of music and songs.
Favourite style of art: amazing is my favorite, maybe awesome?
Shell of choice: Gamera's
Personal Quote: All your Kaiju Art are belong to us!

It looks like my models and dioramas are my most popular arts, but which kind do you like best? 

62 deviants said Godzilla! My Majestic Beast by Legrandzilla
13 deviants said Dinosaurs! Joe Laudauti's Robertosaurus Rex by Legrandzilla Kong's Styracosaurus by Legrandzilla
11 deviants said Chibi Style Kaiju! Aww Teensy Tiny Baragon Boo! by Legrandzilla What Are you, Little Thing? by Legrandzilla Image Rodan vs Godzilla 64 SD by Legrandzilla
8 deviants said Baragon! MM28 Baragon 2001 Commission 3 by Legrandzilla
6 deviants said Gamera! Kaibutsuya Nightmare Gamera Diorama Finished 1 by Legrandzilla
5 deviants said Ultraman! Help Jirass Save Me! by Legrandzilla
5 deviants said King Kong! B and W King Kong diorama by Legrandzilla
3 deviants said Angurus! Baby Angurus Imprinted on Humans by Legrandzilla
2 deviants said Rodan! Rodan 2 by Legrandzilla
No deviants said Comment with a thumb of your favorite one!


Awesome Etsy Poster by Legrandzilla


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1:51 pm
Feb 26, 2017
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Feb 26, 2017
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Feb 26, 2017
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