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Manips of my Dioramas

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Here are some of the photo manipulations of my models and dioramas that people have made!

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Best Friend Forever Or Something

From left to right:


Godzilla Ignites the Sky by LegrandzillaKaiju Storm by LegrandzillaBad Day for Baragon by LegrandzillaGodzilla vs Gamera Poster by LegrandzillaBalrog by LegrandzillaAnima Overdrive by LegrandzillaFire Dragon Charizard by LegrandzillaChinese Dragon Love Eternal by LegrandzillaAslan by Legrandzilla

Here are a few of my paintings, thanks for looking...

For Me??!!

:iconventralhound:made meThe Emblem of World Kaiju by VentralHound after I did a pencil drawing of her. I did not expect it, and it made me very happy.
:iconanimewolveslover:made me Dragon by AnimeWolveslover It was a lovely surprise, and it makes me feel wonderful when I look at it.
:iconcyprus-1: made meKaiju: God Of The Earth by Cyprus-1 after I did a drawing of his OC. I luv Baragon!
:iconmadda-sketches:made meCustomIcons Pack: LeGrandzilla by Madda-Sketches a folder pack, to kindly help me clean up my messy Gallery.
:iconxcrimsonwolf:made meThank You, Jon by xCrimsonWolfThis funny picture is a great example of what a fun and awesome person she is. She made it to thank me for some things I did for her.
:iconventralhound:also madeMy Precious by VentralHoundapparently she likes to draw shiney, potato shaped bald heads like mine.^^
:iconoblivionhaze:madeFor Legrandzilla by oblivionhaze because she is really nice to me.
:iconrunepelt: madechibi legrandzilla by runepeltbecause she is very sweet.
:iconpie-lord: made Legrandodile by pie-lord , me as a Totodile! Thanks Tay!
:iconkevinmorris2: made :thumb267299516:, a meeting between his love and mine! Thanks Kevin!
:iconnek0k0: made HBD :D by nek0k0 for my birthday!
:iconalexiamoonshine: made Happy Birthday, Jon by AlexiaMoonshine for my birthday too!! I dont know what she is thanking me for..
:iconpie-lord: made Pokemon Trainer Legrandezilla challenges you by pie-lord I dont know why?
:iconmadda-sketches: made Kensar sewing a Toy for the Twins by Madda-Sketches, see the Godzilla? ^^Not sure why?
:iconleithster: made GA: Legrandragon by Leithster for my Birthday!
:iconvalid-truths: made waldo chibs by valid-truths for an art trade!
:iconbeyzayildirim77: made :thumb272373905: not sure why, but thanks!
:iconbrecreep: made Tyranitar for Legrandzilla by Brecreep, it is the Pokemon I most remind he of! And it doesnt have a round head!
:iconventralhound: made me :thumb273259567: in case I want to change my icon! Should I?
:iconjucchan: made me :thumb274375116:
:iconalexiamoonshine: made Jon and Alexi by AlexiaMoonshine AND For Jon by AlexiaMoonshine
:iconlikaliku: made :thumb281068928:
:iconpie-lord:s Mum made Wandjina Spirits Dreaming by pie-lord in honor of my Dad's passing.
:iconbrecreep: made For Jon by Brecreep
:iconstormweaver-arts: made Legrandzilla by Stormweaver-Arts
:iconbrecreep: made Finished! giftart by Brecreep
:iconxcrimsonwolf: started You Look Delicious WIP by xCrimsonWolf
:iconalexiamoonshine: added me to this sheet..Alphabet project pt. 3 by AlexiaMoonshine
:iconherrlinde: made this awesomeness^^I choose YOU LeGrandzilla!! by HerrLinde
:iconpie-lord: made Pika-pielord and Legrandodile by pie-lord
:iconpie-lord: madeChibi Baragon by pie-lord and said "guess it could go to Legrand"...:roll:
From :iconherrlinde:!!most popular video of Legrandzilla! by HerrLinde
:iconventralhound: made Battle by VentralHound
:iconherrlinde: made Karaoke night by HerrLinde
:iconanimewolveslover: made Gift ACEO's by AnimeWolveslover
:iconxcrimsonwolf: made ...BIKER GODZILLA... by xCrimsonWolf
:iconloulou94: made Jon LeGrand by loulou94
:iconsadslug: made :thumb308525589:
:iconalexiamoonshine: made :thumb311438835:
:iconyellow5515: made LeGrandzilla by yellow5515
:iconamargasaur: made LegrandSlime by Amargasaur
:iconbrecreep: made HALLOWEEN BARAGON chibi or Jon by Brecreep
:icontrance-bound: made :thumb331919441:
:iconalexiamoonshine: made HBD Legrandzilla by AlexiaMoonshine
:iconthemidnightstranger: made Baragon and Angurus for legrandzilla by TheMidnightStranger
:iconherrlinde: made Baragon wants to party! by HerrLinde
:iconsaurro: made Happy Birthday Legrandzilla!! by Saurro
:iconbeyzayildirim77: made :thumb336424383:
:iconsadslug: made Headshot Prize 2- Saiminka by sadslug
:iconhachiwara: made Chibi Baragon by Hachiwara(on commission)
:iconmiis-miis: made Team Boo! by Miis-miis
:icontorturousdreams: made Ember the Dragon by TorturousDreams
she also made I entered a contest!! by TorturousDreams
:iconananitendolover: made the chibi Legrandzilla by ANAnitendolover
:iconmiis-miis: made Contest entry: Baragon by Miis-miis
:iconbeyzayildirim77: made the spirit of the forest by beyzayildirim77
:iconalexiamoonshine: made Alexie's Drawing for Meee! by Legrandzilla
:icontorturousdreams:made For Legrandzilla by TorturousDreams
:iconalexiamoonshine: made :thumb347768639:
:iconthereal9thdoctor: made The real 9th Doctor and friends on the TARDIS by thereal9thdoctor
:iconlittlescaredrabbit: made :thumb349456543:
:iconstormweaver-arts: madeYou Warm My Heart by Stormweaver-Arts
:iconcyprus-1: made Kaiju:  Baragon VS Angurus by Cyprus-1
:iconpie-lord: made Caterpie and Venomoth for Legrandzilla by pie-lord
:iconeverpurely: made :thumb360279674:
:iconherrlinde: made One way or another... by HerrLinde
:icontorturousdreams: made Of Course I'll Hug you! by TorturousDreams
:icontorturousdreams: made Jon the Chibi by TorturousDreams
:icontorturousdreams: made I did so many things! by TorturousDreams
:iconbrecreep: made Commission For Jon by Brecreep
:iconthemidnightstranger: made Prize: Legrandzilla by TheMidnightStranger
:iconmaddalinamocanu: made Saiminika and Her Captive - for Legrandzilla by MaddalinaMocanu
:iconkonothecuddly: made :thumb373362704:
:iconhsybbed: made I LOVE JON by hsybbed
:iconmonstermaster13: madeLegrandzilla by monstermaster13
:iconkonothecuddly: made :thumb377311867:
:iconkonothecuddly: made :thumb378237418:
:iconkonothecuddly: made :thumb382185212:
:iconaniwablue: made Legrandzilla charcoal! Just a sketch! by aniwablue
:iconcholie: made LeGrandzilla by cholie
:iconask-thefantasyfilled: made To nom a Legrandzilla by Ask-TheFantasyFilled
:iconpie-lord: made Piebug and Legranbug by pie-lord
:iconxrls: made End of the line by XRlS
:iconxilverxparkle: made sketch request. by xilverxparkle
:iconherrlinde: made T-shirt design for LeGrandzilla's birthday by HerrLinde
:iconthemidnightstranger: made Gift: A pile of kaijus by TheMidnightStranger
:iconxxskullneko13xx: made Mothra by xXSkullNeko13Xx
:iconyuna-the-spaztastic: made .:Owed:. Saiminika Humanized by Yuna-the-spaztastic
:iconaniwablue: made Happy Christmas, Godzilla! by aniwablue
:iconthemidnightstranger: made Gift: Puja the snowman by TheMidnightStranger
:iconthroughmythoughts: made Merry Christmas delay for Jon by ThroughMyThoughts
:iconalexiamoonshine: made For Jon :3 by AlexiaMoonshine
:iconsarcophagus6: made Godzilla vs Baragon by sarcophagus6
:iconbrookette: made LeGrandzillagurumi by Brookette
:iconsarcophagus6: made Always Godzilla for Legrandzilla by sarcophagus6
:iconsarcophagus6: made Gamera for Legrandzilla by sarcophagus6
:iconcholie: made Chibi Baragon by cholie
:iconwhitechaoswolf: made Baragon My Style by whitechaoswolf
:icondomino-the-rabbit: made Legrandzilla's Request by Domino-the-Rabbit
:iconpie-lord: made I like this building by pie-lord
:iconcamarolp: made Giftdump: Part 3 by CamaroLp
:iconsarcophagus6: made Godzilla Jr. vs Destroyah for Legrandzilla by sarcophagus6
:iconwogzilla: made The Chase detail by Legrandzilla by WoGzillaandGodzilla vs. Gamera by WoGzilla
:iconsadslug: made Prehistoric Monster by sadslug
:iconbaryminer: made Godzilla vs Gamera by BaryMiner
:iconinnocentovia: Made Godzilla vs Gamera Movie Poster by innocentoViaand Godzilla Halloween Battle by innocentoViaIntruder by innocentoVia
I have this dear friend who wants not to be named, but she means the world to me. She has been so kind and has done the following for me: Godzilla Jr Vs Destroyah by LegrandzillaDream Come True Or Nightmare Becomes Reality? by LegrandzillaGamera Vs Gyaos by LegrandzillaGodzilla Vs Gamera HD Wallpaper by LegrandzillaNightmare Gamera by LegrandzillaGamera To The Rescue by LegrandzillaGodzilla vs Gamera by LegrandzillaGypsy Danger VS Godzilla Category 10 Kaiju by LegrandzillaHuman Invasion by LegrandzillaBaragon War by LegrandzillaOrdinary Day At Legrandzilla Island by LegrandzillaGodzilla Vs Spacegodzilla Photo Edit by LegrandzillaExhibit Flyer by LegrandzillaExhibit Poster! by LegrandzillaBookmark2 of Godzilla 2014! by LegrandzillaBookmark1 for My Exhibit! by LegrandzillaGMK Valley of Death by LegrandzillaGMK Favorite Battle! by LegrandzillaKing Kong 1933 Photo Edit by LegrandzillaShit Happens by LegrandzillaLeGrandzilla World Game by LegrandzillaKing of the Hill by LegrandzillaDemeking The Space Monster by LegrandzillaMonster Island's New Arrival by LegrandzillaA Shitty Day For Bemular By My Friend by Legrandzilla
thank you my dear, kind friends! :hug:
This is not the big contest I was planning, because I still am not finished with my Godzilla 2014 diorama.  Consider this a bit of a warm up!

This will be kaiju related cuz..well, you know me!

Here is the subject.  A photo edit representing this painting I did, using my work for the monster stock.
Godzilla vs Gamera Poster by Legrandzilla

Here is a recent entry that :iconwogzilla: made which is a good example of what I am looking for.  Some people misunderstood and photoshopped my painting.  But this is what it might look like using my models as stock.  Paul made his own stock for Gyaos.
Godzilla vs. Gamera by WoGzilla
And this example is by :iconinnocentovia:!  In it she improvised on the theme and changed the layout a bit, but this is the idea!  It is fine to do this too, it does not need to e an exact copy of my poster if you can improve on it like she did, go for it! :)
Godzilla vs Gamera Movie Poster by innocentoVia

See what we are going for? :)

So it needs to have Godzilla, Gamera, Gyaos and Radon (Rodan)  You will need to find planets and space, mushroom cloud, and text.  The ship would be cool to be something from a kaiju movie or like Ultraman.

So here's the general information and rules :
You will have to use photos provided in my gallery as the MAIN SUBJECTS , feel free to look in my Model Buildups and Dioramas or in My Sculptures and Stuff I Made Gallery , and also you may look for other Stock references, as long as you comply to the rules given by the stock-providers.
Here are some examples of stock you could use, but are not limited to, for Godzilla:
Godzilla 2014 WIP 20 by LegrandzillaIs..Is Godzilla..Crying? by LegrandzillaAlways Godzilla Diorama: Stomping is My Game by LegrandzillaMy Majestic Beast for Herlinde by LegrandzillaOne Sexy Beast by Legrandzilla

For Gamera:
Gamera 99 Raging by LegrandzillaKaibutsuya Nightmare Gamera WIP He's on the Base! by LegrandzillaKaibutsuya Nightmare Gamera Diorama Finished 1 by LegrandzillaImage Gamera 96 Frontal View by LegrandzillaImage Gamera 96 Resin Kit by Legrandzilla
For Radon/Rodan:
Image Radon Aerial Battle over the Pacific by LegrandzillaPter-or On the Sea (Title by the Awesome Sadslug!) by LegrandzillaRodan Finished! by LegrandzillaPter-or On the Sea by Legrandzilla
And for Gyaos:
Gamera VS Gyaos Diorama by Legrandzilla You may need to seek other stock for Rodan or Gyaos if these aren't going to work well.  But the idea is to redo my painting with my models, and make it cooler than the painting!

You can also see the previous edits done to my dioramas in Photomanipulations of My Dioramas Gallery to get some general ideas....


To participate in the contest, just submit your work as a regular deviation in your gallery and after that hit me with a note that links to your deviation. Be sure to link the ORIGINAL PHOTO OF MY DIORAMA and THIS JOURNAL to your deviation!! 

START DATE      :     October 18th 2014 

END DATE         :     November 30th 2014


  • Everyone can join but you MUST put me in your Watch List to be eligible to enter..... 
  • Put a brief description about my contest in your deviation, with a link to the contest journal so everyone who's interested can also join in!
  • Maximum of TWO Entries per Deviant
  • Entries must be submitted by the original artist and do NOT forget to credit the owners of the Stock Images used in your deviation. Any Copyright infringements will lead to the disqualification of your entry!
  • The Winner will be Determined SOLELY by Judges, but there WILL BE a Vote to help the Judges reach the final verdict.
  • After you submit your Contest Entry, you will get 10 :points: Points from me for each deviation!! 
  • NO DEVIANTART / OTHER INTRUSIVE Watermarks on your deviations for the judging purposes.
  • 1st place Winner will get 3 Month Premium Membership, a Llama, and a FULL Feature Journal in my profile, the Runner-up will get 150 Points, a Llama, and a Journal Feature, and the Judges Favorite will get 100 Points, a Llama, and a Journal Feature!
  • The Winning Entries will belong to me and will be posted in my Gallery but with full credits to the winners!! you can assume this contest as a Collab if you like.... 
  • All of the Contest Entries will be Featured in My Journals and My Groups!

Here I will post some of the entries so far:
Godzilla vs. Gamera by WoGzillaGodzilla vs Gamera by BaryMinerGodzilla vs Gamera Movie Poster by innocentoViaGodzilla VS. Gamera Movie Poster by Psychepics



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Jon LeGrand
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
This is a rare photo of the elusive legrandzilla. The legrandzilla is a solitary animal when he is painting. Furthermore, he is rather camera shy. A skilled camera ninja stalked this legrandzilla for hours before capturing this shot on film. Unfortunately for the camera ninja, the legrandzilla spied her and charged, trampling her and painting a mustashe on her nearly lifeless body with burnt umber acrylic paint. Such are the dangers of trying to capture a buck legrandzilla on film during painting season. When legrandzillas are painting Godzillas, they are particularly volatile, and should be offered a Dr Pepper and a snack before approaching. They can be very territorial when they are "in paint" as it is called, so if you see the legrandzilla with a paint brush in its hand, give it a wide berth, and by no means bump the table. This could prove to be a fatal mistake, especially if the legrandzilla is in the process of painting the eyes on the model he is working on. This rather large, alpha male legrandzilla was seen at his library exhibit, painting a Godzilla toy to be given away in a free drawing later. So, see, legrandzillas can be sweet and nice as well.

I build models and dioramas of giant monsters like Godzilla, I also sculpt and do oil and acrylic paintings. I go to G-Fest, a Godzilla Con every year and enter my work in the modeling and art contests. I have had an article and pics of my work published in G-Fan Magazine.
See more of my stuff…

And see and hear me on youtube:… I have videos showing my models, art and aquarium so far, and more to come!

Current Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Favourite genre of music: Genres are too constraining. I like lots of music and songs.
Favourite style of art: amazing is my favorite, maybe awesome?
Shell of choice: Gamera's
Personal Quote: All your Kaiju Art are belong to us!

Hey I need more entries for my Photomanip contest! Check my journal for details! 

3 deviants said I hope the contest goes well with lots of entries!
2 deviants said Sorry I cannot do it, for various reasons..
1 deviant said Each eligible entry gets 10 points!
1 deviant said It would make me feel very happy if you entered!
1 deviant said I will be happy to vote for my favorite!
No deviants said You need to add me to your watch list to qualify!
No deviants said I will feature each eligible entry in my current journal!
No deviants said Prizes galore for the winners! ^^
No deviants said I am gonna go for it!! Wait for me!!!!
No deviants said I am waiting for the contest to manip Godzilla 2014 WIP 22 by Legrandzilla


Oct 31, 2014
6:53 am
Oct 31, 2014
2:46 am
Oct 31, 2014
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Oct 30, 2014
7:44 pm
Oct 30, 2014
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