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Striped Reality by XRlS

I found Christina's art not very long ago. I myself am trying to learn how to do portraits, so of course her work had my interest right away, even before I knew what a wonderful person she was.
This particular piece, I found to be very amazing. To do this subject would be very daunting to me, particularly to get the bars of shadow and light to look right. But Christina pulled it off beautifully!
The texture and detail is phenomenal. It is very intense and emotional. I know she referenced a photo, but I feel she enhanced the emotion and gritty feel that is appropriate to the image and subject itself. In that sense, it is an improvement over the photo, which is a difficult thing to achieve. That is the trick to a portrait like this in my opinion...Unless it is for the sake of exercise, one might think, "why not just do a photocopy?' But Christina made a portrait here, that is better than the photo, great as it was. That is the sign of an exceptional talent.
I would have given full marks on everything, but I took off just a bit on vision and originality, just because it was using the photo. But I could not give less than 4.5 stars, because she did so well at making this have even more impact than the photo.
Christina, you are awesome! :heart:
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XRlS Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Now THAT was really sweet:iconflyingheartsplz: ...but you took me by surprise because i didn't expect anyone able to see what you see :-O

It is the truth,i wasn't interested in making a *photocopy* to use your words,it is easy at times to draw a realistic portrait,but its not easy to portray a soul.And this is my one and only deepest desire.What good is reality for if we cant bring it one step further?Isn't this the sole purpose of art?

I am grateful for the kind words my dear friend!:heart: are sure this is your first critique?:giggle:
You seem very capable and eloquent :iconmusicnotesplz: ;)
Legrandzilla Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, no, this isn't my first critique, but it is my first I did for you.. I expect I will do many more for you. But, I have done a few, however I dont do them for just anyone...
I dont know how eloquent I am, haha! Not so much I think! :iconblushplz:
Any way, really you just said what I really meant to say. You conveyed the soul through your art! I just didnt know how to say that at the time I guess...:huggle:
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