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BlancoNegro by tiaranr

Many people on DA have done self portraits, but this one by Tiaranr really had an impact on me when I first saw it. It just stopped me, and made me look closer. And it still makes me stop and look at it even now.
I am not really sure exactly why, but I love this face. I think the eyes are the most compelling thing, The way the light reflects in them, making them sparkle, is a very wonderful effect. Those eyes just pull you in. The nose, shape of the face, and beautiful curve of the lips is lovely. The expression looks so innocent and sweet, yet also like it is wanting something, or calling to the viewer somehow.
Also, what is notable and interesting is the photo is untouched, blemishes that many models and photographers would hide, Tiara chose to leave. This actually adds character to the image for me. The beauty is undeniable, yet the flaws are right there. But they dont matter, they actually add something for me. I like the honesty and the realness of it.
This may be one of my favorite photo portraits ever. I just love it. I also like the different versions of it. Great job, and lovely face, Tiara!
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